Nurturing a Gentle Heart



Looking for ways to introduce relaxation and meditation into your child’s life?

Looking for a resource that will lead you by the hand and provide you with everything you need to teach your child how to meditate?

A revealing and hopeful guide on how to awaken and foster a child’s sense of spirituality, Nurturing a Gentle Heart: Meditations for Children by Kristen Hobby is a fascinating account of how to hone your child’s inner voice and conscience. As affirming as it is provocative, the author illustrates that a child is never too young to begin learning about intuition, meditation, and their own spirituality. With a sure hand and impeccable timing, this book looks at the subtle and generous life of contemplation and deliberation as an alternative and necessary path. It is a quiet place away from the everyday hustle and bustle—a treasured place where the heart is serene; it is a safe and happy place to dream. Creating a restful shelter is paramount to a child’s development, and in six manageable chapters the author shows parents and other caregivers the template in which to understand and convey the facets of the heart and mind to young children.


Below is an example of one of the meditations including in Nurturing a Gentle Heart:





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